Sweet Cotton Candy Religion

Cotton Candy Religion

Perhaps you have been to Calvary Chapel or some similar type of Soft Charismatic/Saddleback/Pentecostal Church.  Perhaps you have gotten a "lift" from the "Christian" Devilish rock and roll music played there.  Perhaps you have said to yourself that "they sure have the spirit in this place".  Yep, you enjoyed yourself eating that "high sugar" religious food.  You had a dose of "cotton candy religion".

Yes, that music was "great", wasn't it?  The Devils sure knows how to make Christian music, doesn't he?  And that well-paid preacher, he always carefully avoids telling you anything from the Bible that might every get you upset.  It is all "positive" and "nice" preaching - not too hot and not too cold.  As the preacher says, it's just right!

Now you might be getting defensive right about now.  After all, just what exactly is wrong with dining on such "sweet" religious morsels?  What is wrong with listening to the Devil's CCM music with religions words sprinkled here and there to make it seem Christian?  What is wrong with the preacher refusing to "reprove", "rebuke", and "exhort" as he is plainly commanded to do by God in the Bible?  Hey, after all, isn't that what church is all about - giving people a "lift"?

What you may have failed to realize is that cotton candy might taste good, but it is not very filling.  You certainly could not sustain your body for very long eating such food.

Soft Charismatic church services in fact really don't provide you with the spiritual nourishment that your soul needs.  I myself went to such a church for four years quite a while ago.  (I was still lost at the time.)  By the way, I didn't get saved there, nor did any other people that I met while going there, either.

The basic problem is that such churches often aim to please your emotions.  For this reason, they play music that is often sensual and worldly in style.  The music is not meant to get you think about the holiness of God and the wickedness of your totally depraved black heart.  The music is instead there to "lift" you up emotionally.  Charismatics often then "lift" up their hands and enjoy this elevated ("lifted") emotional state, which they erroneously call the Holy Spirit.

The Real Holy Spirit is quite different.  The Bible says that the Holy Spirit reproves people of sin, righteousness and judgment.  He, the Holy Spirit, convicts such lost Calvary Chapel type people of their many abominable sins.  For example, God's Holy Spirit convicts of sins such as missing church to "catch some waves"; committing fornication; lying; pride; stealing, and other wicked sins all too often committed by such religious-but-lost church-going sinners.

Such conviction of sin by the Real Holy Spirit is not very much like cotton candy.  The Holy Spirit beings people to think about Jesus, -- the Jesus who died on a bloody Cross to pay for your sins.  No, Charismatics often call the Real Holy Spirit, "The Devil".  They say that only the Devil wants them to feel bad, and that God only wants them to feel good.  They therefore blaspheme the Holy Spirit, calling Him the Devil.

Cotton Candy religion will not help you.  You might think that it will, but it has nothing of substance, just some sugar-sweet religion.  What you need is the Real Holy Spirit, (not the false one that you probably believe in), to convict you of your wicked sins and point you to Jesus, so you can be forgiven by Him for your many wicked sins.  You need True Fundamentalist Baptist religion, not the "junk" religion that you have now.  That false religion will send you to Hell one day, to burn there for ever and ever.

The Devil does not want you to learn the truth.  He is trying right now to get you to reject the truth and go back to your wallowing in the mire of your sin with the swine.  Satan wants you to go to Hell.  Will you listen to the Devil and burn in Hell?  The choice is yours.

Why not come to Jesus instead and be forgiven for your sins?  Why not find true religion?  Why not find joy and peace deep down in your soul?  Why not go to Heaven whey you die?  Why not come to Jesus right now and get it settled?

Trust Jesus Christ.  Then get into a good Fundamentalist Baptist Church and live for Jesus and The Bible.  Do right, not what you feel.  God bless you as you do it.